The award-winning EnviroSCAN probe is the flagship product of Sentek. It provides the user with great flexibility for precision monitoring of moisture and salinity at multiple depths in a soil profile.

The EnviroSCAN probe first made its mark in irrigated agriculture, resulting in water savings of 30-50% and substantial yield and quality benefits. Today it is widely used in all forms of irrigated and dryland agriculture, environmental applications, research and education, as well as turf, parks and gardens.

The EnviroSCAN probe is the only commercially available product that allows for monitoring to great depths (up to 40 metres) using the same profiling probe.

Features include:

  • RTV silicon conformal coating for extra protection of circuits
  • Multiple sensors with flexible depth placement (at 10cm increments)
  • Monitoring from shallow depths (0 – 10 cm) to deep installations (> 40 metres)
  • Length of probe customised to suit the application (probe length adjustable in the field)
  • Up to 16 sensors on one probe (moisture, salinity, temperature and/or humidity)
  • In-built probe orientation and depth settings to enhance sensor repeatability
  • Full serviceability
  • Flexible connectivity for wide range of data retrieval options